Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays are one of the many kinds of essays that are given to students regularly to improve their argumentative skills. Compare and contrast essays are also known as expository essays that are written for or against an argument. Writing an expository essay is like having an argument verbally with someone who is against your statement. You need to state what you believe in and support your argument through facts, figures and other details.

The first paragraph of the essay starts with a well-defined thesis statement upon which the entire essay will revolve around. Before starting the essay you should decide if you are going to compare things or state the differences because you have to choose one path. This part of the essay holds importance because this is when you are going to start persuasive writing. Other paragraphs of the essay should be well-structured and planned before starting to write the essay. Each paragraph should contain a single supportive idea to avoid any confusion. Also, each paragraph should have a connection with the thesis statement, otherwise it will seem irrelevant. Facts, figures and statistics play a great role in supporting the argument or differentiating between statements so make sure to include this in your essay. When concluding the essay, make sure not to include any new information or statements. The conclusion is meant to enlighten the reader and summarize the entire essay. This is just like the end of a conversation where things are made clear and solutions are provided so that there is nothing more left to say. Therefore, it should be complete and should leave no doubts about the arguments in the mind of the reader.

List of good compare and contrast essay topics

Starting off with an essay is difficult, so here are some good compare and contrast essay topics that can help you kick-start your work:
  •   Thailand or Turkey- which is the better place to go for vacations
  •   Difference between Soccer and Football
  •   Chinese and Italian Cuisine
  •   A good manager and a bad manager for a firm
  •   Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi advertising strategies
  •   Historical coffee houses and today’s cafes
  •   Harry Potter books are better or the movie series
  •   Benefits of being social vs. benefits of being a loner
  •   Qualities of Introverts and extroverts
  •   Fiction and non-fiction books
  •   Famous anchor person of talk shows
  •   A friendly teacher and a strict teacher
  •   Marketing a brand or branding a product
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